Welcome to Yandra….

The passion for flowers, nature and beautiful things is in my blood.

On our Farm located on the river banks of the Danube in the South East of Romania, we harvest and dry the most exquisite, perfect rose buds to make our delicate, aromatic rose bud tea and produce 100% natural Rose Syrup to my grandma’s secret recipe from the fresh roses.

Andra M, Founder & CEO

Our story 

Well it begins in 1932 in Romania, where my inspirational Great Grandmother, Yolanda set out to plant over 1000 Damask Rose Bushes on a parcel of land she inherited from her father.

Her vision was to grow the most perfect fragrant Damask Roses to be harvested and sold for oil extract, and is still mine today. With all the right ingredients of the perfect climate and favourable soil she became recognised as a professional rosarian with herboutique rose fields flourishing in no time. After five years of hard work and dedication, the rose farm was producing over 20,000 rose bushes!


Quite an achievement when our country had no established flower industry to speak of in those days. In 1939 with the onset of WW2 all this changed… roses became a luxury commodity and 1941 was her last harvest.

As a child, my Grandmother and Mother would tell me these stories. I have always been fascinated by flowers, their intriguing colours and mesmerising scents. I would spend hours outside in the fields collecting flowers, I was drawn by their sheer beauty. My biggest challenge was to try and unfold a rose bud while keeping every petal intact – somewhat impossible without tearing one. To me, roses are simply magical and carry significant meaning in so many ways.

Our Farm in Romania…

In 2012 we made the momentous and exhilarating decision to start planting the Damask Roses on our land again. Driven by the resilience and brilliance of my Great Grandmother, it just seemed the right thing to do. We selected the fabulous Damascena variety (sometimes known as the Rose of Castile) which we grow today. It is renowned for its heady fragrance and edible petals.

At first we extracted the oil from the colourful petals we harvested, to make syrup, but by sheer accident when some rose buds were left behind in our barn during the summer of 2015 (which I found some months later), they had dried with an amazing pink hue and were perfectly formed. So there you are……

Yandra Tea Company was started to bring these delicious luxurious Damask rose buds to you, our discerning and deserving customer…