Jasmine Pearl


Jasmine tea is great with food – as delicious with a light summer lunch as it is with dim sum or a winter supper, it also makes a fabulous iced tea and a cocktail ingredient.

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Ingredients: Fine Green Tea Leaves and Jasmine Flower Petals.

An elegantly complex and truly exquisite tea. Carefully hand-picked in the spring, hand-rolled and expertly perfumed in the mountainous Fuding, Fujian Province.

Jasmine Pearl tea really is the finest example of the art of traditionally hand-crafted tea. Only the finest young, Chinese green tea leaves that have been naturally scented with fresh summer jasmine blossoms are used to produce this smooth green tea. The bud and long stem of the leaves are dried in direct sunlight in traditional bamboo trays to lower their moisture content so they become supple before the delicate leaves are ready for rolling in to their namesake “pearl” shape.

To make a pound of tea it takes at least 2,000 pearls.

Once rolled, the pearls are carefully stored to await the jasmine flower harvest in summer. Over consecutive nights the pearls are repeatedly and expertly heat infused with the freshly picked jasmine flowers to achieve the desired strength of aroma. For High Grade Jasmine Pearls the process is repeat at least five times. This is an ancient technique and is a skilled art handed down through generations of tea makers.

The aroma of this tea most exquisite, the pearl releases a naturally sweet and delicate green tea, fragranced with the fresh scent of jasmine in water, with a deep, rich, long lasting jasmine aroma.

As well as its unique aroma, delicate, soothing and clean taste Jasmine Pearl Tea also has a number documented health benefits as this tea is packed with Antioxidants

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6 reviews for Jasmine Pearl

  1. Jerry A

    This is the best green tea I have ever had. The leaves don’t go bitter and you can truly feel the delicate flavour of jasmine!

  2. Alice P

    I’ve bought this as a gift for my mom! Haven’t tried it yet but in the box the tea looks really beautiful!

  3. Christina C

    Excellent non-bitter Jasmine tea with fresh flavour. Well packaged. I will buy it again.

  4. Evonne

    This tea is amazing and I am so happy that I have found it. The taste of the jasmine is exactly as it should be and you only need three or four pearls to make a great cup of tea. I will be buying this product again and even try some of the other fragrances that they have.

  5. Sarah

    Quite remarkable…. I savoured the delicate fragrance of jasmine blossom, even before I steeped the tightly rolled pearls of scented green tea in hot water. Great aroma with a clean flavour that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

  6. David

    Love these jasmine pearls, every time I open the packet, the smell of the jasmine flowers makes me feel nostalgic and when I drink the tea it really does relax me 🙂