Rose Bud Tea


Rose Bud Tea is made using young rose buds that are harvested before sunrise thus preserving the full flavour of the rose. The buds are dried naturally to retain all the healthy nutrition's and beautiful array of colours. To retain their high vitamin C content the young rose buds are always plucked before they bloom.

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When we think of roses we think of perhaps a beautiful flower in the garden, a delicate perfume or a romantic gesture spring to mind? We don’t automatically think of them being medicinal, but roses have been prescribed as part of Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. Roses are used to treat pain, help with digestive disorders and relieve menstrual cramps amongst others.

This soothing herbal Rose Bud Tea consists purely of rose buds and when infused in water the healthy compounds from the rose bud’s petals are drawn out for us to enjoy and take full advantage of.

If you love the fragrant, sweet smell of roses, rose bud tea has that inherent delicate, sweet and floral taste. Brewing offers a flowery aroma, a light sweet taste and is a delightful light coloured infusion. The fragrance from your rose bud tea will linger lovingly for hours after brewing. It is perfect to drink early morning, late afternoon or just before going to bed.

Rose bud tea is a truly delightful tea, both for its health benefits and for the flavour. This caffeine-free tea has calming qualities, is extremely refreshing and is growing in popularity.

Rose Tea has many well documented Health Benefits

  • Rose buds contain a high concentration of vitamin C which is known to help fight off colds and flu. Also high in Vitamin A, B3 and D
  • It will help you relax and is famous for its soothing sensation on mind, body and soul. A natural stress buster.

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50g, 100g, Gold Leaf 50g

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6 reviews for Rose Bud Tea

  1. R. Hampshire

    Peace, happiness and joy is possible during the time I drink my rose buds tea!

  2. Carol H

    Lovely tea! Gentle taste that helps me to unwind and relax. Also when I drink this Rose Tea, it reduces my sweet tooth and now I enjoy this drink instead of a dessert. I love it

  3. Katy

    The tea is not only delicious but has evident health benefits, in terms of lowered cholesterol and an amazingly clear and glowing skin and complexion. I’m on my fifth box in 3 months !
    Back soon 🙂

  4. Irina

    I have been a tea totaller all my life, and finally I have found the love of my life – metaphorically speaking – Rose Tea by Yandra has not only made me feel so relaxed that it is like soaking in a hot bath at night, my skin glows and people keep asking me about it and what is my secret ??

    The tea is amazing! The aroma, the after taste is just wonderful!
    Thank you for a perfect experience. 5⭐.

  5. Jonathan F

    I have recently been introduced to rose bud tea and attracted by the Provenance of the rose buds and beautiful box bought your 50g pack. I must admit I was genuinely surprised by how lovely and light the tea was with a delicate rose scent and sweet flavour. I am now a convert and fruit teas are now in my past …

  6. Denise K

    I like to enjoy a bit of a tea “ritual” and had an amazing tea experience that I enjoyed immensely with your rose bud tea. A delight for my senses. The rose buds looked so beautiful in my clear tea pot and when I poured the tea in to my china cup and saucer the aroma was amazing and the taste divine!